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Bespoke Database Development

As a custom database and software development company, Database solutions works with clients in various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, e-commerce, financial services and vast other sectors. For all these organizations, critical data is the pillar stone of there business requirements that supports everything from daily  processes to mission critical revenue generation and marketplace leadership.

Our clients need fast, reliable, easily maintained database systems that allow their businesses to grow and thrive.

With our perfect 5 Star record as a database design, development, and management company, Our team offers solutions that will streamline work processes and unlock the insights within the business data.

  • Database design and develop

  • Debug and repair current systems

  • Form/report development and automation

  • Modernization, cloud data migration, and SQL database up sizing

  • Performance optimizing

  • Unlocking critical data

Increase Performance Of Your Database

The vast amount of information that databases today have to store and manage is massive compared to years ago.

Data is reaching businesses from a wide range of sources including  social media ,embedded technology, customers, distributors, suppliers and  third parties.

Data isn’t just increasing in amount—it’s becoming more complex as well.

As a result, our customers are asking for integration/optimization services in large numbers.

We offer performance improvements for all database types.

Database Solutions Ltd

Is Your Go To Database Development Company

At Database Solutions Ltd, we believe it to be vital to have a local, expert team to assist our customers with every major database out there today. Our company offers vast technology experience across many systems including:

  • MS Access and SQL Server (Microsoft relational databases)

  • MySQL (Java relational database)

  • Oracle Database

  • MongoDB,

  • other NoSQL database solutions

There’s no one database that works for every use case, so we ensure the right DB solution is applied to solve your business problems. Because we have cross-platform experience, we can integrate multiple databases together for a system that meets all your needs.

We are committed to making your databases reliable, scalable, maintainable, and secure.

The first step is to understand how your current database infrastructure is helping or hindering your business.

Reach out to us today using our contact form to talk about your custom database development needs.

Typical Database Projects


Many database development services involve the re-development of a client’s existing systems. Those systems can be any combination of MS Access databases, Excel spreadsheets and off-the-shelf or custom-built tools even with large amounts of data.

As many of our clients in the UK have discovered, the new integrated database application would handle all required aspects to automate your business process and typically includes:

  • User-friendly forms to enter data

  • Business logic to manipulate data on the fly

  • Various on-line reports

  • Data export facilities

  • Integration with third-party systems

  • Managed access to information based on user roles

  • Full history of data changes (audit trail)

  • Built-in data integrity mechanisms

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a database?

A database is an organized and structured collection of data on a computer or network, database development is the creation of the system. For best results, businesses can have database systems developed bespoke for their companies needs.

  • How does a database work?

A database traditionally stores data in rows with different values organised in unique columns, allowing all users to cross check and find their required data fast and easy.

  • Why do I need a database?

A database is used to collect and store critical and non critical information. Every business needs a database and usually more than one to quickly locate present and historical data/information on clients, employees, customers, events, inventory, and more.

  • What if i have more questions?

Here at Database Solutions Ltd we welcome all questions and inquires no matter how big or small.

Not sure if a database is right for you? speak with one of our dedicated team members by using the contact at the bottom of the page for all your customer software and database related questions.


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